Thursday October 06, 2016

Microsoft To Build An Intelligent Grid Powered By An Intelligent Cloud

Thursday at Nordic Edge Expo, Agder Energi, Microsoft Corp. and Powel AS announced a pilot project that will help create a more efficient, flexible and intelligent grid of the future. The project will leverage intelligent technology to create a cutting-edge smart grid solution that will prepare the grid for greater renewable integration and help keep pace with growing energy consumption. The Microsoft Azure intelligent cloud, PowerBI and Azure IoT Hub were combined with expertise from Powel to provide Agder Energi with tools to improve dispatch of new energy resources, including device controls and predictive forecasting for situational awareness.

While energy technologies have made tremendous advances in the past decade, electrical grids around the world have not. Power grids already require massive investments to keep pace with growing energy consumption; they are now challenged to leverage new resources آ— distributed energy systems like rooftop solar panels, batteries, smart homes and facilities آ— that can help provide support back to the grid in times of high demand.