Wednesday October 05, 2016

Spotify Ads Briefly Served Malware To Your PC

It would seem that "a small number of users" of Spotify's ad-supported service got a bit of a surprise when they discovered an ad on the streaming service was also dishing out malware. The problem with the ads has been fixed but, if you are a Spotify user, it would be a good idea to scan your system just in case.

In response, Spotify tells us that this was the result of an "isolated issue" with an ad, and that it has since "shut it down." Only a "small number of users" ran into the malware, it says. You can read the full statement below. With that said, it's bound to be slightly embarrassing when the company ran into a similar issue in 2011. It's also a reminder of one of the smaller perks of paying for a subscription service: when you don't get ads in the first place, you're not at risk of receiving rogue ads.