Wednesday October 05, 2016

ASUS Releases UEFI Updates For Intel’s Next-Gen LGA 1151 CPUs

ASUS has released UEFI updates for 87 motherboards in anticipation of Intel's next-generation LGA 1151 processors. Those of you that want to upgrade to the new processors but still use your existing Z170 motherboard, can do so after a simple BIOS update. Hit the link for an interactive chart containing a list of all the compatible motherboards.

Our firmware teams have been busy compiling and validating UEFI builds that enable support, and those builds are ready to download today. The current support list includes no fewer than 87 ASUS motherboards, with more to be added in the near future. So, if you already own or are thinking of purchasing one of our 100-series motherboards, you can rest assured it will work with the next-gen CPUs.