Sunday October 02, 2016

Samsung Plans To Slash SSD Prices To Hard Drive Levels By 2020

The company’s 3D NAND production will supposedly make this long-awaited dream a reality. While only 48-layer NAND was just announced, Samsung may need 64- or 96-layer NAND to hit cost targets.

Right now, SSDs generally cost between 20-50 cents/GB depending on capacity, NAND type, and form factor. Conventional 1TB hard drives are down to about 4 cents per GB, though this also varies depending on make and model. 1TB drives aren’t always the most cost-effective option آ— as manufacturers move to higher platter densities, it wouldn’t surprise us to see 2TB آ– 4TB drives offering higher capacities at a lower price per GB. Delivering a 512GB SSD at a $40 price means a significant cost reduction between now and 2020; Samsung needs to cut the current price of NAND storage by roughly two-thirds to hit its target.