Sunday October 02, 2016

Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers Shift To Text Messaging

Communication via radio protocol seems unnecessarily slow and clumsy, so I’m surprised they didn’t adopt something like this earlier. The new system, Data Comm, will basically allow instant messaging between controllers and pilots, who will no longer have to articulate every letter.

آ…the nation's air traffic system is gradually shifting to text messages for a majority of flying instructions. That's a big advantage, say government and industry officials, because up until now longer and more complicated instructions like a route change for pilots of planes waiting to take off are communicated verbally, with each word laboriously spelled out in the radio alphabet. For example, HARD becomes "Hotel Alfa Romeo Delta." And it is hard to get it right. Pilots have to write down the directions as the controller reads themآ—then they read them back, also spelling out each word. If there is a mistake, the controller reads the directions back to the pilot again the same way, and so on.