Sunday October 02, 2016

Nanotech Bandage Heals Wounds In Days

What do you get when you embed a bandage with nanoparticles and Phenytoin? A great way to treat skin injuries, of course. Phenytoin, which accelerates healing, is loaded into nanoparticles and nanofibers, which counters some of the drawbacks of the drug such as low absorption and coverage.

The team tested the bandage, which was developed in the laboratory, on samples of human fibrous tissue and on mice. The results showed that the wounds healed completely when using the bandage embedded with nanoparticles coated with a layer of lecithin as well. El-Sherbiny stressed: "One bandage is enough to heal wounds within 10 days at the most." The main benefit of the bandage is that it improves the reconstruction of the cells that form the epithelial tissue that lines the skin, the internal organs and body cavities. This is a healing phase that usually begins two days after the wound appears, but may be prolonged in some cases to ten weeks.