Sunday October 02, 2016

Honda Civic Type R Prototype Is Fast, Furious

Are Civics actually getting uglier and uglier, or is this aggressive styling right up your alley? The designer did say that everything has a genuine function. This will be the first Type R that will be sold in the States.

Officially called the Type R Prototype, the car you’re gawping at is strictly a concept for now (though doesn’t it look production ready) so there’s nothing in the way of technical data. But we do know it will stay front-wheel drive, both to stick with Type R tradition, and to allow Honda to get its FWD Nordschleife honours back from VW, who nicked them with the Golf GTI Clubsport S. And this Civic really is ‘worldwide’. No Civic Type R has ever been officially sold in the USA آ– it’s been a case of import your own at great expense with much tedious paperwork. But because the new Civic hatchback is a global car, aimed at Japan, Europe and indeed the USA, the angry-looking Type R will also land Stateside. It will still be built in Swindon, though.