Sunday October 02, 2016

HBO’s $100-Million "Westworld" Premieres Tonight

Does this have the potential to be a hit on the level of Game of Thrones? We will get an idea when it airs later today. To quote an IMDb posting: "I feel bad for the maintenance guy who has to clean the female robots."

Westworld features a cast of A-listers including Anthony Hopkins as the head of an ultra-realistic amusement park where visitors come to live out their most outrageous desires. The cast includes Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Thandie Newton and Ed Harris. (Hopkins and Harris are said to have scored $175,000 per episode each, with the latter potentially having only a two-year deal.) "The production value of this thing is preposterous," Abrams tells THR. "But it's HBO. That's what they do. There was no way that this idea, which Jonah and Lisa from the beginning were doing as a AAA experience آ— that HBO would compromise.