Saturday October 01, 2016

Pennsylvania's Voting Machines Are Running Windows XP

In today’s "[Noteworthy business/establishment] is still using Windows XP" story, the Keystone State’s voting machines are still running the classic OS. Cybersecurity researchers would have you believe that there’s a real issue here because these systemsآ—which provide no real way of auditing votesآ—haven’t been patched for years.

آ…most Pennsylvania counties use particularly high-risk electronic voting machines that leave behind zero paper trails, which could be useful to audit the integrity of votes cast. In addition, many of these machines آ— called "direct-recording electronic" machines آ— are running on severely outdated operating systems like Windows XP, which has not been patched by Microsoft since 2014, Carbon Black said in its report. In general, these complex machines are a headache compared to so-called fixed-function devices that perform just one task and are thus harder to hack.