Saturday October 01, 2016

Apple In Talks With Sharp To Supply OLED Displays For Next-Generation iPhones

Sharp will be joining Samsung in the endeavor of supplying OLED screens for future iPhones. The company already gets 27 percent of its revenue from Apple, and this move would ideally boost Sharp’s profits further.

The Osaka-based company would be one of a handful of OLED suppliers for Apple, and the deal is said to originate from the Cupertino company's "desire to increase the number of suppliers for OLED screens" for a number of future devices. The rumor of Apple's negotiations with Sharp followed a report on Friday that said the electronics manufacturer is set to spend $570 million on OLED panel production. Sharp will use the funds to purchase equipment for OLED production in its Osaka and Mie factories, with the ultimate goal to start production "by June 2018." According to some watching the negotiations, Apple is encouraging Sharp to enter the OLED business.