Thursday September 29, 2016

PlayStation Will Lead Premium VR Market

Let's hope this doesn't come true. Those of you that have been following our GPU VR performance reviews know that doing VR right takes a good deal of GPU horsepower. This means that, in order for Sony’s PlayStation VR to become the "standard" VR titles are developed for, we'll once again be stuck with games that are tailored for console specs and then ported to the PC. frown

Flavio Parenti (pictured right), CEO of Loading Human makers Untold Games, goes as far as to say that if it’s successful, PSVR could become the standard VR titles are developed for. "We expect PlayStation VR to be a market leader," he said. "We don’t know how big the market is or how big PSVR will be, but the sweet deal that Sony is giving to the players is amazing. For just half the price of the others you get everything. Developers will aim for PSVR standards, and then adapt games to PC if PSVR is the market leader."