Tuesday September 27, 2016

Patriot Viper 4 8GB DDR4 3400MHz Memory Kit

The crew at Neoseeker rubbed a few sticks of Patriot's Viper 4 8GB DDR4 3400MHz memory together to see what it would do. Here's a snippet from the overclocking portion of the review that I think many of you may find interesting:

While the stock clocks delivered great performance as is, I was not expecting much in terms of overclocking potential from highly binned modules already rated at 3400MHz. I still managed to squeeze an extra 336MHz out of the kit on hand, with slightly looser timings than the manufacturer XMP 2.0 3400MHz profile. The modules I was working with achieved a stable 3736MHz overclock with 17-19-19-40 timings, although with a considerable voltage increase in the range of 1.5v.