Tuesday September 27, 2016

82% Of Households Still Pay For Cable

If big cable companies really wanted to fend off cord cutters, they would cut the crap and offer a pick-and-chose أ  la carte channel selection where you would pay for a "package" of 50 / 100 / 200 channels but you would get to select the individual channels you want. Could you imagine not having to pay for 300 channels just to get the 50 you actually watch?

For all that cord-cutting is a true trend, it’s a slow one. The study finds that about 82% of households are subscribing to a traditional pay-TV (cable, satellite, or fiber) service. That’s still a drop of several million viewers from the 2011 high of 87%, but it’s comparable to subscriber numbers from 2005, before the economy crashed or internet TV became a thing.