Monday September 26, 2016

New Intel Technologies to Deliver Amazing Experiences

Intel’s passion and commitment to broadening the opportunities for people of all walks of life to both participate in and be exposed to the creation of new technologies will be in full effect at this year’s World Maker Faire. Visitors to the booth will be among the first to work hands-on with Intelآ® Jouleآ™, a sophisticated new high-performance compute platform targeted at Internet of Things (IoT) developers and entrepreneurs. Enthusiasts will be encouraged to explore more than a dozen interactive demo stations that showcase Intel’s growing and diverse portfolio of maker and developer platforms. These include popular inventor module Intelآ® Edison right through to hobbyist and entry-level boards Intelآ® Galileo and آ Arduino 101* (powered by the Intelآ® Curieآ™ module). Exhibits will include a reimagined DJ experience from Thud Rumble*, featuring live performances by the world famous Invisiblآ Skratch Piklz*, a selection of Intel Joule-powered robots from VStone* and BLT Robotics* featuring human-like senses and a state-of-the-art musical and motion demo, among other displays.