Sunday September 25, 2016

Reconfigurable Chaos-Based Microchips Offer Possible Solution To Moore’s Law

Researchers are attempting to get "more out of less" by applying chaos theory to transistor circuits, which allows them to be programmed to perform different tasks. 100 million transistors could perform work equivalent to three billion transistors.

"In current processors you don't utilize all the circuitry on the processor all the time, which is wasteful," Kia says. "Our design allows the circuit to be rapidly morphed and reconfigured to perform a desired digital function in each clock cycle. The heart of the design is an analog nonlinear circuit, but the interface is fully digital, enabling the circuit to operate as a fully morphable digital circuit that can be easily connected to the other digital systems." The researchers have produced an alternative approach for computing that is compatible with existing technology and utilizes the same fabrication process and CAD tools as existing computer chips, which could aid commercial adoption.