Sunday September 25, 2016

HDR Bugs Are Ruining The Movie Experience On Xbox One S

There are two issues with HDR on the new Xbox that exist but haven’t been patched yet. First, Netflix is engaging HDR mode for all movies (even non-HDR content), which is leading to messed up colors, and second, there is light bleed during 4K Blu-ray playback because the BD app is not properly engaging HDR for HDR content.

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Like the Netflix bug, this new Blu-Ray bug isn’t a deal breaker, but is definitely irritating and unattractive. It’s also nearly ruinous if you’re the kind of person who has dropped thousands of dollars on a UHD TV and Xbox Ones S and would like it all to play back exactly right. Fortunately, both bugs can be resolved with a software update from Microsoft. Yet, with the Netflix bug having been around since launch in early August, it’s anyone’s guess when the bugs will be resolved.