Sunday September 25, 2016

AT&T Sues Nashville In Bid To Stall Google Fiber

Nashville has a neat rule, One Touch Make Ready, which goes as far as allowing new ISP companies to move pre-existing utility pole wiring set by companies such as Comcast with their own crews. AT&T is suing because they think Google is incompetent and will mess up their property or, worse, inadvertently create service interruptions.

AT&T has complained that Google Fiber crews don’t always follow safety codes and outlined potential consequences in its lawsuit. "If a copper feeder cable were damaged, 1,000 or more residential customers could lose service, and business customers without redundant service would also lose service," AT&T wrote in its court complaint. "Some of AT&T’s aerial fiber facilities are used to provide high-capacity switched Ethernet services to various customers including police and fire stations, and to wireless carriers that use the fiber to carry wireless traffic to and from their cell towers. Damage to these facilities could knock out service to emergency responders, and take a cell tower out of service."