Sunday September 25, 2016

Android-Chrome OS "Andromeda" May Be Teased On October 4

Is there anything that Google isn’t showing at their upcoming event? Word is that we will finally get a glimpse of the next evolution of Android, which is expected to meld with Chrome OS. I hope that it runs as smoothly as the latter.

Lockheimer's tweet means little standing on its own. But with the right context? We believe this is the best evidence yet that Google plans to tease the long-fabled merger of Android and Chrome OS on October 4th. That project is known internally at Google as Andromeda, and even if we don't see Andromeda demoed on the 4th, we can assure you it's quite real. While rumors that Android and Chrome OS would merge are seemingly as old as the coexistence of the operating systems themselves, those rumors began solidifying nearly a year ago, thanks to a report from The Wall Street Journal. In it, the Journal claimed that Google was planning to "fold" Chrome OS into Android to better suit the latter to running on a wider variety of hardware.