Saturday September 24, 2016

Twitter Reportedly In Talks With Google, Salesforce For Potential Sale

I have no idea how Twitter managed to do so poorly for a platform that is so popular. It is hard to say who will win the bid for the company, but a buyout seems very possible, despite board members being against it. Even Verizon is interested.

آ…the social company is in talks with the likes of Google and cloud computing company Salesforce, among others, and may receive a formal bid soon. The suiters courting Twitter are said to be interested in the data the company generates from its 313 million active users. However, sources say that, while conversations are ongoing and picking up steam, there's no assurance that a deal will be inked. As a result, Twitter's stocks have soared as high as 23 percent based on the news. Meanwhile, TechCrunch reports that the company has just lost two key staffers, including head of TV Andrew Adashek.