Saturday September 24, 2016

Microsoft Patent Would Have Windows Watch Everything You Do For Better Search Results

In what is being dubbed as "Clippy on steroids," Microsoft wants to hook into your running applications, capture relevant contextual data, and then send it to Bing for better searches. I have not read through the patent filing, but the article suggests it is smart enough to remove personally identifiable information.

Microsoft’s solutionآ…is to have an agent or "mediator" watching what the user is doing in "active 3rd party applications" such as a word processor PDF reader, recognizing images or text from the photos they are looking at, recognizing music or sound, their location and other contextual data, removing personally identifiable information from this data, and adding it in some way to the search query to produce better ranked and more focused results. آ…The patent is in some ways similar to Google’s Now on Tap or Screen Search, which scrapes an application screen for text and other information and then launches a contextual Google Search. It does however sound a bit more far reaching and a lot more autonomous.