Saturday September 24, 2016

London Police Chief Wants To Be Able To Stop Your Car Remotely

Speaking on police tactics and how technology could be used to aid law enforcement, officials from across the pond want the privilege of disabling a vehicle with the push of a button. I can already picture compromised cars coasting straight into civilians, signs, trees, and storefronts.

The commissioner seemed to be suggesting that cars could be equipped with a police-accessible system that would allow the authorities to take control of the vehicle if needed. Clearly showing he doesn’t understand how modern, internet-technology works, Hogan-Howe’s suggestion would seem to slightly tread over the line of civil liberties and individual freedom, not to mention the right to privacy. But even if those aspects are completely ignored, the technological challenges involved in creating such a system and keeping it secure are huge. The question is reminiscent of the debate for a specially created backdoor into secure programs, that many governments would like to see implemented into our technology.