Saturday September 24, 2016

Google Introducing $129 Home Wi-Fi Router On October 4

Bad news for OnHub owners; it sounds like Google has already replaced its initial router project with a new product that adopts the trend of expanding coverage with multiple devices. My Nighthawk router is working pretty great so far, but I may have to retire it for something that can provide a strong signal throughout the entire home.

آ…the device will be launched alongside Google's Pixel phones, Google Home, and the 4K 'Chromecast Ultra' on October 4th. That source additionally claims that Google will advertise the router as having "smart" features - probably similar to OnHub in some respects - and that Google will claim it provides enhanced range over typical Wi-Fi routers (a claim we see basically every router make, to be fair). But the one thing that will make it an insta-buy for many over OnHub? Our source claims multiple Google Wifi access points (two or more) can be linked together to create one large wireless network.