Thursday September 22, 2016

Intel: Protect All Customer Data آ– Not Credit Card Numbers Alone

On Thursday, I will speak on a panel at the Electronic Transaction Association’s FinTech Policy Day at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. This event will feature industry experts, Congress members and regulators, who will discuss how developing technology and public policy can work together. Topics will include privacy, data protection and mobile technology. My message will be simple: As the retail industry transforms with the newest tools offered by the internet of things, retailers must design security into the data آ– not just into the devices. Data should be protected from initial acceptance, through transit to the data center and while in storage. As retailers deploy IoT solutions to provide a personalized experience, they are gathering more data about consumers. As an example, a consumer may join their favorite retailer’s loyalty program. That decision allows the retailer to see the shopper’s purchase history and recommend complimentary products.