Wednesday September 21, 2016

Virtual Reality Teaches Teens Dangers Of Texting And Driving

It is now a proven fact that virtual reality can help teach teens about the dangers of distracted driving. I know it sounds gimmicky and expensive (neither of which are true) but now that there is concrete statistical evidence proving that it works, school districts around the country should seriously look into programs like this.

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A virtual reality simulation program is being used to help teens learn the dangers and risks associated with texting and driving. The program is heading to four other schools across the state this week, to share the information. Indiana needed the help. In 2014, it was ranked 50 out of 50 states in teen driver fatalities - making it one of the worst states in the country for teen drivings. Now, less than two years later, it's improved. Indiana is now ranked 22 in teen driving safety.