Monday September 19, 2016

Technology Almost Killed Me

No. Technology did not almost kill this guy. In fact, this guy just described the job we have been doing around here twelve hours a day for over sixteen years. Sure we all need a break from tech every now and then but trying to make it sound like technology is killing you is a bit absurd. Also, this picture is supposed to make you sad.

News Image

A year before, like many addicts, I had sensed a personal crash coming. For a decade and a half, I’d been a web obsessive, publishing blog posts multiple times a day, seven days a week, and ultimately corralling a team that curated the web every 20 minutes during peak hours. Each morning began with a full immersion in the stream of internet consciousness and news, jumping from site to site, tweet to tweet, breaking news story to hottest take, scanning countless images and videos, catching up with multiple memes.