Sunday September 18, 2016

Lyft Expects Self-Driving Cars To Handle Most Rides In 5 Years

That, of course, is the kind of (wishful, perhaps) thinking you would expect from the CEO of a modern ride-hailing company, but Lyft’s goes even further and surmises that car ownership will end in large cities by 2025. If given the opportunity, would you give up having a personal vehicle?

Heآ…foresees that private car ownership will "all-but end" in major US cities by 2025. Far fewer young Americans have driver's licenses than the previous generation, in part because ridesharing reduces the need for a personal car -- add self-driving cars to the mix and many urbanites may never need their own vehicle, Zimmer says. He even predicts that cities will change in response to the technology, such as reclaiming parking lots as community spaces.