Saturday September 17, 2016

Sony: PS4 Pro’s 4K Gaming Is Not Misleading

What do you say to that? I would think it is, considering that the majority of "4K titles" will merely be upscales. That’s like selling a "4K" Blu-ray player that can’t actually play UHD discs and only blows up 1080p video.

In all the excitement about the PlayStation 4 Pro announcement, one detail was a matter of some debate: "4K Gaming". While Sony repeatedly emphasized the 4K capabilities of the system, most games don’t actually render 4K resolutions. Instead, they upscale your standard images to a level that fits higher-end 4K TVs. Depending on who you ask, that’s an important distinction which changes the nature of the conversation about this console, but Sony executive Andrew House disagrees. "I would say the majority [of games] will be upscaled آ– at least based on the game portfolio I have seen to date," House told Digital Spy when asked whether native 4K games would be available for the PS4 Pro.