Saturday September 17, 2016

Reports Of Email's Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

With all the novel (instant) messaging solutions out there, email is slowly but surely dying, right? Not quiteآ—the charm of email, while seemingly antiquated, is that it is universal. If anything, email is only evolving, which poses an interesting challenge like any system with billions of users.

David Robinson, Yahoo’s vice president of design for Flickr, Messaging, and Mailآ…believes that email is the the primary communication channel between individuals, businesses, and groups. "As messaging busts, it’s the system that remains relevant," he said. But he acknowledges that the user experience with email is always changing. Improving email clients requires more meticulous effort than updating messaging apps because the changes have far-reaching implications that can’t easily be solved. "You have to take into account the context, such as the message type (e.g. what are you doing) , the location (e.g. where are you), and how you’re reading the message. It introduces complexity of design that’s crazy," he explained.