Saturday September 17, 2016

LG’s Biggest, Best OLED TV Costs A Cool $20,000

Any proud OLED TV owners here? Well, your set just got outranked by this guy. Don’t feel bad, though; you would be insane for dropping that amount of cash on display technology I would argue is still in its infancy. While I now own a modest 1080p OLED display with superior contrast levels, its motion resolution is still bested by my plasma.

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The Signature OLED is gorgeously designed, with a display bonded onto a big slim sheet of glass and an articulating 4.2-channel Harman/Kardon speaker base with that pumps out 80 watts. You flip it down when you mount the TV on the wall, and use it as a pedestal base when it’s resting on your entertainment center. And it better be a sturdy entertainment center, because the set weighs 115 pounds. And of course, this TV does all the things you’d expect a super-pricey set to do in 2016. Naturally, It’s a 4K panel. It does HDR, with support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10 content.