Saturday September 17, 2016

BioShock Remastered Editions On PC "As Lazy As PC Porting Gets"

I can’t really comment because all I’ve done so far is walk around the concept art museum in the first game, but have you encountered any awful bugs in the BioShock re-releases? At least it was free for those of us who owned the originals.

آ…Steam reviewers have already warned others to heed caution before returning to the Rapture. Several issues plague the remastered editions, according to user comments. Some of these are carried over from the original PC releases, like mouse acceleration and sensitivity problems, and others have to do with texturing options or lack thereof. "The game looks like [BioShock] in pretty much most regards, only a better lighting and a VERY slightly sharper texture pack was implemented," begins one negative review of BioShock Remastered by user Hotshot. "The game looks good with 1080p, when it wants to run well, it does so brilliantly. Problem is ... it has stutters, [and] apparently people have crashes (I only played 30 mins but those were fine) as well."