Friday September 16, 2016

Swedish Court Upholds Arrest Warrant For Assange

I don't understand why Julian Assange just doesn't turn himself in and get this over with? I tell you this, I'd rather go to court and clear my name than sit another day hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. That might as well be jail.

Today, Sweden's Court of Appeal issued the decision on Assange's appeal against extradition. The ruling upholds the warrant, meaning there is no change in his situation. "The Court of Appeal shares the assessment of the District Court," it states, "that there is still a risk that Julian Assange will flee or otherwise evade legal proceedings or a penalty." The ruling continues, "Ultimately this is a question of weighing the public interest of the suspected offence being investigated in a secure way against the right of the individual not to have their freedom of movement."