Thursday September 15, 2016

NVIDIA Expands Deep Learning Institute, Partnering with Coursera, Udacity, Microsoft

Learn to build a self-driving car. Train your computer to automatically detect cancer. Find your way around a deep neural network. To get started in deep learning, sign up for courses with the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, which provides training to help people apply deep learning to solve challenging problems.آ Last year alone, the institute delivered more than 16,000 training hours to help data scientists and developers master this burgeoning field of AI. The institute’s instructors include NVIDIA’s own deep learning pros, as well as experts from our partners آ– online educators Coursera and Udacity. We’re also teaming up with Microsoft to teach deep learning for robotics. "Deep learning is affecting a broad range of industries, and we’re seeing huge demand for people with the skills to apply the new technology effectively," said Mark Ebersole, director of the institute.