Sunday September 11, 2016

U.S. Residents Who Bought GTX 970 May Be Able To Claim $30 Settlement

If you bought a GTX 970 between Sept. 2014 and Aug. 2016, you can hit up to file a claim. Technically, customers should be owed $44 based on the missing horsepower, but I guess the final settlement amount is better than nothing.

Last year, some customers who bought an nVidia GTX 970 graphics card found it wasn't quite performing to standards. As it turns out, it was because the card had a dedicated 3.5GB of video ram instead of the advertised 4GB. As a result of this false advertising, nVidia had to settle a lawsuit for lying to its customers, as Ars Technica reported. Part of the settlement involves paying out $30 to anyone who bought a GTX 970 from September 1, 2014 to August 24, 2016. Today nVidia set up a website,, where users can submit their request to receive $30 as part of the lawsuit. The other part of the settlement involves paying out $1.3 million in legal and attorney fees.