Sunday September 11, 2016

Tesla Autopilot 8.0 Uses Radar To Prevent Accidents Like Fatal Model S Crash

Tesla’s Autopilot, and its radar component in particular, has received an upgrade that improves its braking capabilities. According to Musk, vehicles should now stop even when safety systems can’t properly identify an oncoming or nearby object and will continue to work even through rain, fog, or haze.

Today, Tesla revealed Version 8 of its Autopilot software, going in one to two weeks. Version 8.0 includes updates to the signal processing tech used to interpret images received from the onboard radar. The update focuses primarily on the radar component of the Autopilot sensor system, turning it from a supplementary part of the overall tech, designed to complement the cameras, into a primary control sensor that, according to Elon Musk himself, should prevent accidents like the one that resulted in Josh Brown’s death.