Sunday September 11, 2016

Retail Listing Points To High Price For Oculus Touch

The Rift is finally getting motion controllers, but owners better be ready to pay substantially. A listing from MediaMarkt, an Oculus distribution partner, hints that they will likely cost at least $200.

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The Oculus Rift is set to get quite the upgrade later this year with the launch of Oculus Touch, the headset’s own motion controllers, paving the way for room-scale experiences that will bring the Rift more in-line with what the HTC Vive offers. It’s going to be pricey though if this week’s retail listing is anything to go by. The listing comes from German store, MediaMarkt, which has apparently partnered with Oculus for distribution purposes in the past. The retailer breifly listed the Oculus Touch on its site this week, showing off a آ€199 price tag. If you take into consideration the current state of the British pound and add on VAT, it may well end up being close to آ£199 here in the UK too.