Saturday September 10, 2016

Seagate Sued By Own Staff For Leaking Personal Info To Identity Thieves

It was reported in March that someone in Seagate’s HR department fell for a phishing scam and handed over employees’ W-2 forms over to hackers. The company is now getting sued but is trying to get the case thrown out, suggesting it was an "unfortunate, unforeseen event."

The suit claims that the attackers have already begun using the information lifted in the breach. It asks that Seagate be required to pay out damages and fees to a nationwide class of Seagate employees and others named in the pilfered W‑2s. "No one can know what else the cybercriminals will do with the employees' and third-party victims' personally identifiable information. However, the employees and third-party victims are now, and for the rest of their lives will be, at a heightened risk of identity theft," the suit alleges. "Many employees and third-party victims have already suffered out-of-pocket costs attempting to rectify fraudulent tax returns and engaging services to monitor and protect their identity and credit."