Saturday September 10, 2016

Intel May Have Pushed 7-Nanometer Tech To 2021

Job listings from last year alluded to a debut of Intel’s 7-nm tech in 2020, but revisions would suggest the possibility of a delay to 2021. I wonder if this means that we will see Ice Lake and Tigerlake later than expected (as far as I know, Cannonlake is "still on schedule").

آ…Intel had originally planned to release products manufactured on its 7-nanometer technology in the 2020 timeframe, but for whatever reason the company has delayed that until 2022. If we consider what Intel has publicly said about its manufacturing plans, this actually makes a lot of sense. Intel is expected to go into manufacturing on its first 10-nanometer products during the second half of 2017. For simplicity, let's assume that volume availability of 10-nanometer product doesn't happen until January 2018. Intel has said that it plans three waves of 10-nanometer technology: 10-nanometer, 10-nanometer+, and 10-nanometer++. If Intel keeps to an annual product launch cadence, then we should see volume availability of the first 10-nanometer+ products in January 2019, and the first 10-nanometer++ products in January 2020.