Saturday September 10, 2016

Why The Game Industry Is Still Pushing Pre-Orders

If you still pre-order games, I want to know why because it doesn’t seem like there is any real incentive for it. I have to admit that physical goodies like soundtracks, steelbooks, and statues are enticing, but the markup on these "collector’s editions" are a real turn-off.

آ…the consumer has caught on to this trick. Thanks to game devaluation and accessibility, it's making less sense to spend full price on a game. Many digital and online stores have special discounts, and you can always expect most games to go on sale within months. DLC and season passes have fallen out of favor with most gamers. Again, why should someone spend $60+ for full retail, when they can get it all with a GOTY bundle later on? Of course you can point out that people are spending more to get the game earlier, but there's an issue there. The number of games being put out weekly has gone up dramatically. Right now as you're reading this, a game is being released this very day. There are so many games coming out that it's becoming difficult to keep track.