Saturday September 10, 2016

Doom Graphics Study: How A Single Frame Is Rendered

If you are in for a more intensive, technical read, this is it. The author looks at a single frame in Doom and meticulously explains how everything is rendered, with all manners of mapping and effects isolated for you to see.

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Doom pioneered fundamental changes in game design and mechanics back in 1993, it was a world-wide phenomenon which propelled to fame iconic figures like John Carmack and John Romeroآ…23 years later, id Software now belongs to Zenimax, all the original founders are gone but it didn’t prevent the team at id from showing all its talent by delivering a great game. The new Doom is a perfect addition to the franchise, using the new id Tech 6 engine where ex-Crytek Tiago Sousa now assumes the role of lead renderer programmer after John Carmack’s departure.