Saturday September 10, 2016

Apple Defends Decision To Remove 3.5mm Headphone Jack, Cites "Courage"

That must be the new synonym for greed. Future Apple devices will now require a dongle for tethered headphones/IEMs, but if you are interested in a wireless solution, the company has you covered with their $159 AirPods.

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آ…the iPhone will leave the 3.5mm headphone jack behind. It was Schiller's job to justify why Apple was doing so, and he defended the company's decision by citing three reasons to move onآ—and one word: "courage." Schiller explained to the San Francisco event crowd that Apple would push the Lightning port standard for wired headphones and push a new proprietary wireless standard, driven by the new "W1 chip" in iOS devices, which Schiller called Apple's first wireless chip. The 3.5mm port, on the other hand, has to go, Schiller said, because the company can't justify the continued use of an "ancient" single-use port.