Friday September 09, 2016

Robots Are Racists

Just so you know, robots are racist. Either that, or they have a fetish for white chicks. Either way, they are still going to KILL US ALL!, an initiative by the Russia and Hong Kong-based Youth Laboratories and supported by Microsoft and Nvidia, ran a beauty contest with 600,000 entrants, who sent in selfies from around the worldآ—India, China, all over Africa, and the US. They let a set of three algorithms judge them based on their face’s symmetry, their wrinkles, and how young or old they looked for their age. The algorithms did not evaluate skin color. The results, released in August, were shocking: Out of the 44 people that the algorithms judged to be the most "attractive," all of the finalists were white except for six who were Asian. Only one finalist had visibly dark skin.