Thursday September 08, 2016

Corsair H115i All-In-One Cooler Review

Another review of the Corsair H115i all-in-one cooler has popped up on the internet today and this time around it is the fellas at Overclockers Club doing the reviewing. It seems as though the OCC editors really like the H115i. Here's a quote from the full review:

Having looked at a pretty broad cross section of Corsair's Hydro Series line up over the past few years gives me an opportunity to see the growth and changes that Corsair has implemented to its All-in-One cooling solutions. As technology has progressed, so have the pump and control systems used to maximize the performance potential of Corsair's designs. The Hydro Series H115i does not re-invent the wheel, as it were, but what it does do is provide a cooling solution for even Intel's latest Extreme series processors like the Core i7 5960X.