Thursday September 08, 2016

AMD Wins Prestigious Catalyst Award for 25x20 Energy Efficiency Initiative

AMD today announced the company has received the Catalyst Award for its 25x20 energy efficiency initiative, presented by the Green Electronics Council (GEC) after review by an independent panel of judges. The award will be formally presented at the Electronics Goes Green 2016 conference in Berlin on September 7, 2016. AMD is ahead of pace to achieve its ambitious goal to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of its mobile microprocessors 25 times by year 2020, from a 2014 baseline.

As part of its 25x20 initiative, AMD is developing new processor architectures, power efficient technologies, and power management techniques to achieve the goal of accelerating energy efficiency of its processors. As an example, the AMD 6th Generation A-Series Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) (code-named "Carrizo") released in 2015 for notebook computers, delivered a 2.7 times improvement in energy efficiency compared to its 2014 predecessor. This improvement set a pace well ahead of the trend line for achieving the 25x20 goal. Also, the AMD 6th Generation A-Series APU achieved an approximate 46-percent reduction in lifecycle carbon emissions compared to the previous generation APU. Further demonstrating AMD’s commitment to energy efficient computing, the new Polaris architecture-based Radeonآ™ RX 400 Series GPUs can be up to 2.8 times more energy efficient than graphics cards made just two years ago.