Wednesday September 07, 2016

NVIDIA VR Funhouse Game Jam

Epic Games recently announced the first VR Funhouse Game Jam in partnership with NVIDIA, Valve and HTC and you are invited to participate in the event's consumer day on Monday, September 26. The game jam itself will happen September 24-26 on the incredible MS Bleichen ship in Hamburg, Germany. Registration for the consumer day on Monday, September 26, is now open right here on Eventbrite. The three-day event will see game developers coming together to create new VR minigame experiences using assets and elements from NVIDIA’s innovative carnival game, VR Funhouse, which is built with Unreal Engine 4. Pre-selected teams will utilize the brand new VR Funhouse Mod Kitآ to build upon NVIDIA’s technically stunning game for the event’s first 48 hours in preparation of showing their work to the public (that's you).

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