Tuesday September 06, 2016

Intel to Acquire Movidius

Combined with Intel’s Existing Assets, Movidius Technology آ– for New Devices Like Drones, Robots, Virtual Reality Headsets and More آ– Positions Intel to Lead in Providing Computer Vision and Deep Learning Solutions from the Device to the Cloud. We’re entering an era where devices must be smart and connected. When a device is capable of understanding and responding to its environment, entirely new and unprecedented solutions present themselves.

As part of our RealSenseآ™ vision and strategy, we built and acquired critical technologies to ensure our leadership in computer vision and perceptual computing. Simply put, computer vision enables machines to visually process and understand their surroundings. Cameras serve as the "eyes" of the device, the central processing unit is the "brain," and a vision processor is the "visual cortex." Upon integration, computer vision enables navigation and mapping, collision avoidance, tracking, object recognition, inspection analytics and more آ– capabilities that are extremely compelling in emerging markets.