Monday September 05, 2016

Legendary Apple Engineer Turned Down For Genius Bar Job

It's pretty damn sad that a famous Apple engineer, the one responsible for the company's shift to Intel processors, can't get a job at a genius bar. Who cares about your qualifications, you're an old white guy...denied. And I thought Apple was all inclusive and all that crap. roll eyes (sarcastic)

I’m lucky enough to get my tech support from JK Scheinberg, the engineer at Apple who led the effort that moved the Mac to Intel processors. A little restless after retiring in 2008, at 54, he figured he’d be a great fit for a position at an Apple store Genius Bar, despite being twice as old as anyone else at the group interview. "On the way out, all three of the interviewers singled me out and said, ‘We’ll be in touch,’ " he said. "I never heard back."