Monday September 05, 2016

John McAfee He Can't Call His Company 'John McAfee'

The lesson to be learned here? If you sell a company with your name on it for millions and millions of dollars, don't expect to be able to use that name on another company. On the flip-side, John McAfee has sullied his own name so bad, I'm amazed Intel wants to hang on to it.

According to recently filed court documents, however, Intel threatened to take legal action in June after learning of the planned name changeآ—an alleged infringement of the "McAfee" trademark owned by Intel. McAfee, of course, was the founder of the antivirus company that Intel acquired the trademark from, but Intel claims he "forfeited any right to use the McAfee name in connection with security solutions and services" when he sold his assets to the company in 1991.