Sunday September 04, 2016

Why You Will Never See Half-Life 3

So, here’s a thought: Valve can’t/won’t/shouldn’t make HL3 because they have nowhere to go narratively, as they killed Eli Vance, who was arguably the driving force for most of your actions in the sequels. Does this guy have a point, despite there being many unanswered questions (e.g., G-Man) in the Half-Life mythology?

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Half-Life was about you proving yourself to other people, a personal journey as you attempted to escape from a bad case of Science Gone Wrong and Government Coverups. Half-Life 2 was about spending all your time trying to get to Eli while everyone masturbates your ego, presumably to disguise the fact that you’re nothing but a glorified errand boy, whose only purpose is to do things that help Eli out, and then the guy just straight up DIES on you, and now you’re stuck. You know what? I think the problem is that Valve never really knew why you were there.