Sunday September 04, 2016

Quark VR Working On Wireless HTC Vive Prototype

Dealing with a tethered device is probably one of the biggest gripes with VR today, but this company is looking to change that. One can only wonder how they will go about solving this with what sounds like traditional Wi-Fi, however.

So here’s the thing آ— they’re not working on a wireless headset as much as they’re creating some sort of Wi-Fi transmitter dongle that connects to the headset. This leaves you free to roam the room untethered from your PC. You can stick the device in your pocket, where it’ll send signals between your computer and the Vive. That sounds all well and good, but what’s the latency like? Quark VR admit latency is "a huge challenge" in designing their little wireless gadget but they expect they’ll be able to show a successful prototype this autumn. No word yet on quite what they’ll do with it after that, but they do intend to open source the design.