Sunday September 04, 2016

OpenOffice, After Years Of Neglect, Could Shut Down

It sounds like there may be one less Office alternative in the future. Recent thoughts from the vice president of Apache OpenOffice would suggest that "retirement of the project is a serious possibility," due to the lack of interested developers.

Many developers have abandoned OpenOffice to work on LibreOffice, a fork that got its first release in January 2011. While LibreOffice issues frequent updates, OpenOffice's most recent version update was 4.1.2 in October 2015. That was the only OpenOffice release in 2015, and there were only two updates in all of 2014. LibreOffice got 14 version updates in 2015 alone. In July, OpenOffice issued an advisory about a security vulnerability that had no fix. The problem could let attackers craft denial-of-service attacks and execute arbitrary code. One of the workarounds suggested by the OpenOffice project was to use LibreOffice or Microsoft Office instead.